Dustin & Rachel Ponder
Owners / Head Coaches

“I love this stuff. I love every aspect of CrossFit. I love that everyday I get to work with people and help them change their lives. Everyone has an athlete inside of them and I get to harness that energy and see people do things they never thought was possible. CrossFit is my form of medicine and I love how this sport can not only improve people physically, but I see my members get stronger mentally and emotionally as well.”


Friday 8/23

• 200 Single Unders

3 rounds:
• 30 sec Spiderman Lunge Right
• 30 sec Spiderman Lunge Left
• 30 sec Straddle Stretch

3 rounds:
• 10 m Duck Walk
• 10 Mountain Climbers


“Dallas 5”

5 minutes of:
Then, 5 minutes of:
•7 deadlifts, 155/105 lb.
•7 box jumps, 24-in. box
Then, 5 minutes of:
•Turkish get-ups, 40-lb. dumbbell
Then, 5 minutes of:
•7 snatches, 75/55 lb.
•7 push-ups
Then, 5 minutes of:
•Rowing (calories)

Complete as many reps as possible at each 5-minute station. Rest 1 minute between stations.

Log total reps from all 5 stations. Athletes can note reps for each station in their notes.

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